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Many people could not afford to pay back their debts, and some lost their savings, homes, and possessions because of this.

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Today we enjoy the simplicity of life with electricity, for example. It resulted in a U. In contrast now I do spend more time doing stuff that is important for me. Now that is what some people pay for rent. There is no longer a need for maps in a car, they too have been replaced with electronic navigators. The American people now feel hatred toward the countries that harbor terrorists as the people of most likely resented the Spanish. Things that are common place today were unheard and unthought of at the beginning of the last century. Courtney MastowskiSpringfield Elementary Century Of Change Daily life of differed greatly from that of the modern times, which now surround us. Many people could not afford to pay back their debts, and some lost their savings, homes, and possessions because of this. Parks, amusement parks and baseball stadiums were built to meet all the recreational needs of the people. In , our country faced many hardships that no longer exist for us today. The year of is alike and different from

The only bad thing that happened to us in was the Queen Mother died. The Trade Center Towers both collapsed from the impact and the Pentagon was damaged extensively. In many instances, the United States has become involved in foreign conflict for the welfare of world politics and humanity.

Four commercial jets were successfully hijacked and smashed into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon, and a remote location in Pennsylvania. They had covered wagons for vehicles.

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Through the Internet, television and the telephone, as well as innumerable other specialized devices, families and friends become more connected at an affordable cost.

Amanda Prinkey Springfield Elementary Things have changed Back inand now inmany things have changed.

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Throughout the 20th century and after the dawning of the 21st, the rays of communication through technological advances, such as on-line resources and e-mail, have shone the light of information and connection upon society. Essay topics: Compare yourself today and yourself five years ago. When all is said and done, I claim that I have changed a lot during five long years. Turning to be an adult means that I have a more complex problem. The vice president, Theodore Roosevelt, assumed office and served several more terms. Therefore, for the given reasons, and are very different years, from two very different worlds. And that is the comparing and contrasting of to In , the metamorphosis, the caterpillar of an age, was beginning to grow. However much has changed since that time and has left us in technological luxury. Also, the women stayed home and watched the children and some women would crochet blankets or weave things. In what ways are you the same or different? Throughout the years, the cocoons of reform and revolution among technology, genders, and attitudes toward fellow members of humanity, have burst forth a new creature in — the butterfly of the future, flying into posterity with open wings — spreading its beauty in the skies of today, and for the remainder of the tomorrows. We enjoy life and live it to the fullest because of the technology we have developed through the years. In you walked to school unless you were fortunate to have a horse to ride you to school. In the last years, there have been a lot of inventions to make our life easier.

Reasons for wars, technology, and people have all changed dramatically. For example, I maintained my way of competition.

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The bicycle seemed to be more important to the teen-ager of The early s was a time a progress with many new inventions coming into light. Get rich quick schemes thrived, life for the rich was grand, but life for the poor was bad. Invented by Alexander Graham Bell in , this innovation, shown initially at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, opened the lines of communication for the first time to the public; however, this invention reached a minuscule portion of the populace, due to excessive expenses. From Vietnam, to the present, War on Terror, the United States has aided and devised numerous methods of international security. As we can all see, the last century has had its good and bad points, but, in my opinion, the good outweighs the bad. We today have the luxury of transportation to and from school, by riding the bus.
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