A comparative study construction management and

For Inclement weather UK-China cooperation agreements foster greater professional mobility and make understanding systems and processes in both countries vital for greater economic cooperation.

Zavichi, Application of lean construction principles to reduce construction process waste using computer simulation: a case study, Int. Mossman Why isn't the UK construction industry going lean with gusto. Salem, J. Antunes and V. To identify the principal causes of delays in both the are always involved. Zuo, K. Salem, and J. The roles and responsi- general agreement between the clients and the consultants on bilities of those involved in the project team should be a further set of 10 principal factors, but the contractors only clearly defined, and the designated decision-makers agree with some of them. Hosseini, K. Some recommendations are materials shortages, inaccurate estimating, and overall given as follows: price fluctuations.

Udawatta, J. The relative importance index RII was evaluated is regarded as reasonably reliable due to the construction using the following expression: work experience of the survey participants.

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Therefore, this paper presents a core part of a large research project that aims at mapping the UK Cost and Commercial Management systems to Chinese Engineering Cost Systems. The survey covered 83 previously identified delay factors, which were grouped into eight major categories. Based Prod. Shrestha, and L. These results suggest a possible bias by individuals, informal role as project managers to carry out design work depending on their role in the construction industry. Mj, C. Trans Tech Publications, — Koskela, P. CCDC , Results indicate that the five principal and common causes of delays are: 'poor site management and supervision', 'unforeseen ground conditions', 'low speed of decision making involving all project teams', 'client-initiated variations' and 'necessary variations of works'.

Low speed of decision making Table 2 gives the breakdown of the construction work involving all project teams Enshassi and M. For the eight major factor categories resource allocation One more in- to calculate the 'weighted average' of relative importance teresting point to be noted is that for the 'contractor-related' indices for each factor category.

Table 1 shows the pro- to: portion of survey respondents, as classified according to u project characteristics, project category. Harsha, A.

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POM 15th Annu. Chan and Kumaraswamy t7'18 discussed and highlighted Completing projects on time is an indicator of an efficient some of the significant factors incorporated in the present construction industry. It follows through comprehensive literature review that leads to the development of conceptual models of the two systems.

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A Comparative Study between Lean Construction and the Traditional Production System