An experience of teaching children with special needs

My first year as a SPED teacher was quite challenging. For instance, some students make physical contact, such as biting and pushing, with SEAs, teachers and even their classmates during their behaviour outbursts.

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Additionally, Forlin reported that teachers felt stressed when working with students with disabilities because they did not possess knowledge or feel competent. Included in their list were cooperative learning groups, which they indicated could provide both social and academic benefits to students with disabilities.

Everything seems to pay off.

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These services are of no cost to the family and are available to children until they reach 21 years of age states have services set in place for adults who are in need of specialized services after age However, this did not hinder me from fulfilling my responsibility of teaching Abegail. Vaughan recommended that schools make time to assess their cultures i.

Although federal legislation e.

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Why should I try when Ill just fail? Don't make that mistake. Let each student know that you believe in him or her. In another effort to prevent students with disabilities from being singled out, school personnel might examine their enforcement of school rules. The teachers also worried that spending more time addressing the needs of students with disabilities would result in their having less time to focus on students without disabilities. That individualized education plan usually is a list of very specific goals and objectives for the student -- and it often includes strategies to help the child succeed. Between lesson modifications and enthusiastic encouragement, that child went from being a quitter to being an achiever. After a student is deemed able to receive such services, their progress is annually reviewed. I believe that listening to students and giving your heart to them by devoting your time and energy is extremely important and makes a great difference in their learning experience. A typical day in my classroom, teaching my pupils with disabilities. Additionally, Salend indicated that successful inclusion for students with disabilities into regular education classrooms i. I enthusiastically said over and over what a great job he had done and kept telling him how smart he was. However, other researchers have recommended identifying one specific content area e. This student had difficulty with accepting and following the classroom rules and routines in the beginning of the school year, mainly due to the unfamiliar environment.

Conclusion School counselors can draw from their training and conduct needs assessments to identify potential systematic, programmatic, and attitudinal areas for change in order to create positive environments for students with disabilities.

They often feel frustrated that classroom teachers do not rely on their knowledge and experience with the children to help plan lessons and activities.

experience working with special needs students

It seems likely that the majority of teachers would be more positive if they had more knowledge about students with disabilities and effective strategies for working with those students.

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