Antidepressants are over prescribed

who should prescribe antidepressants

And, as discussed above, findings from a number of developed countries, including Australia, indicate the public health benefit of reduced suicide rates.

In practice, pills are often still the first resort in the UK and many other places. But family doctors as well as psychiatrists need to discuss the potential for harm more, he says. It also represents a massive A list of included medications and corresponding National Drug Codes is available at www.

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Issues around effectiveness Another issue raised in the BMJ debate is the current state of knowledge about the effectiveness of antidepressants for those with mild depression — the most common form in the community. That was 3. This was as expected.

antidepressants are not overprescribed

We interpreted our findings broadly — that effective treatment of depression, whether by medication or psychological treatment can lead to a measurable benefit here a fall in suicide rateseven at a whole population level.

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NHS prescribed record number of antidepressants last year