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These half and one shilling notes are typical of the occupation currency used in captured parts of Papua New Guinea during the War.

The first Governor of the Colony of New South Wales, he returned to England inconfident that the new colony would succeed. These notes circulated until the introduction of decimal currency in The Government at the time viewed higher-denomination notes as facilitating tax evasion and black market activities.

After Federation, Australia increasingly encouraged manufacturing through import-substitution, under the protection of high and rising tariffs. Accessible for every student Activities organised from lower to higher levels of complexity — plus challenge opportunities for those thirsting for more.

These designs were to symbolise Australia's Federation. He had acted as caretaker until the first Federal election in March Series features The new edition of the Jacaranda New Concepts in Commerce, 4E include these key updates: Fully revised, the fourth edition comprehensively covers the four core and seven option topics from the NSW Ac Commerce Syllabus Junedue to be implemented in Term 1 These men were to appear on later series of Australia's banknotes.

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Sir Henry Parkes became known as the 'Father of Federation', in recognition of his efforts in the last decade of his life to advance the cause of nationhood. All attendees will receive sample material from the new edition, a Professional Development certificate and go in the draw to win a prize pack! Other notes were to portray prominent figures in Australia around the time of Federation. Supporting teachers to teach their class their way An extensive bank of teacher support materials including detailed Syllabus mapping and work programs, teacher notes, additional activities, teaching and quarantined assessments. A rich bank of teacher support material including, detailed Syllabus and teacher notes, additional activities, teaching, learning programs and much more Now available on learnON, an immersive new eBook where everything is in the one place for a dynamic and uninterrupted learning experience Teach your class, your way, with trusted content, delivered consistently across all formats including learnON, eBookPLUS, iPad app, print and PDF Formats Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way. The Government at the time viewed higher-denomination notes as facilitating tax evasion and black market activities. Another carried a portrait of Captain John Macarthur who was important in the development of Australia's wool industry. These designs were to symbolise Australia's Federation. However, the need for higher-value notes had been kept under review and the Commonwealth Bank began work on possible notes so as to be able to respond quickly if the need arose. He was influential in establishing an education system and founding the Tasmanian Natural History Society, the first scientific Royal Society established outside Britain. Sturt, who arrived in Sydney in , explored the western areas of New South Wales. Explorers Sturt and Hume were represented, in a coin-shaped format, on the back of the note. The designs were not used.

During World War II the Japanese Government printed notes, some denominated in the Australian pound, for use in Pacific countries intended for occupation.

The backs of some of the new notes symbolised aspects of Australia's progress beyond its economic development.

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By the early s, manufacturing and distribution services had each grown to be about 20 per cent of the economy, broadly on a par with the rural sector. The Murray River was once called the Hume River in his honour.

year 10 commerce exam questions

The focus of design shifted from the Monarchy and pictorial representations of an emerging Australian economy to portraits of individuals judged to have helped shape Australia through its short history.

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