Breaking the norm

Social Norms in the Classroom and School Students learn from an early age that there are certain norms to follow while in class or at school.

Do not act obnoxiously on the elevator. And in any case, normie is itself a subculture. The opinions range, but the strength of each conviction seems to hold considerable weight. On the whole, people want approval, they want to belong, and those who do not follow the norms will suffer disapproval or may even be outcast from the group.

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Moreover, both of us were making the point that the "normal" is really a set of expectations that are imposed on the working class by a patriarchal capitalist system. As a slight Segway, I feel it is important to emphasize the strength of American norms throughout the history of our country.

When one decides to break one of societies unwritten rules it puts not only the rule breaker but everyone around in positions where they are forced out of their comfort zones and must adjust to the abnormal. A lot of people intuitively get that; how else to explain socialists' infatuation with the juggalos?

If you hit or bump into someone by accident, say "I'm sorry. Social Norms on Elevators Whether you realize it or not, there are even norms that apply to riding on an elevator.

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But there was one specific misinterpretation that I want to try to clarify. Social Norms When Dining Out When dining out at a restaurant there are social norms that are commonly expected from the diner.

You do not want to make anyone feel as if you are invading their space.

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