Can ebay continue growing case study solution

ebay case study solution

Meg Whitman and eBays other executives know that to meet their sales and revenue targets, they must be successful in international markets especially in China and India. The commission scale is somewhat complicated, but seems to be successful.

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Summary and Recommendations I. Customers are then not fully satisfied. The lack of there being a middle man cuts costs for customers as they are dealing with the sellers themselves, which allows customers to bid at prices they are happy with or find an item that satisfies the price bracket they are looking for or willing to spend EBay will have to design ways of attracting new buyers to the website so that transactions can continue to take place.

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Now eBay works The idea for eBays business model is simple-and old. Moreover, in mid, eBay announced that it would enter India, following a strategy similar to the one it followed in China. Although transportation systems are improving, they are still creaky by U. An estimated , people in the United States make all or most of their living by selling on eBay. Launched in , about million people now use eBay. To reach this lofty target, Whitman realizes that eBay must develop international markets especially in light of analysts suggestions that the companys core U. Management has to figure out how allocate its full time workers as eBay purchases new technologies and programs that will be used on the website and that will need support. EBay is very successful. According to the case, the company has been profitable and had attracted more than million users by If costs increase, so will the commission fees that are charged by eBay in an attempt to sustain the net income currently experienced. The company market capitalization had surpassed that of even Amazon. The company pales in comparison to, for example, Wal-Mart. How is eBay trying to solve these problems? EBay has recognized that there are several solutions to the many problems that it has been facing.

Some users, and former users, believe that the company has not adequately addressed the issue of fraud. What marketing recommendations would you make to eBay to help it be successful as it enters the Chinese and Indian markets?

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Are there any other solutions that eBay should consider? EBay is trying to implement more interactivity with the purchase of Skype, so that customers and sellers can communicate two-way. Sellers want to go where there are buyers, and buyers want to go where there is a large selection, i. Questions for discussion 1. The case finishes by discussing the fact that eBay has experienced declining number of transactions and a coinciding drop in sales. Nowadays even companies first check items on eBay before they estimate the price they will charge for their products. With a population of over one billion people, however, there certainly is plenty of room for growth.

She helped the company go public in Yes, According to my point of view a critical mass of seller is needed to the company like eBay because eBay is mainly earning through commission and fees and those are come from the hundred and thousand of employees which are not the part of the organization but still they spent lots of hours to seat and sell the goods through eBay.

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