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Gzip-enabled browsers will get the cached compressed page while more primitive browsers will see the plan page.

tuckey url rewrite examples

Even though we showed Resin run as a single Java process above, there are actually two processes being run, Resin and a Watchdog. A third Resin server can be used as the front-end load-balancer.

Tuckey url rewrite examples

If you want to use the Handle system, you'll need to set up a Handle server. If you only want to apply a rule if one of two conditions match, rather than repeat the rule, add the "OR" flag to the first condition, and if either match then the following rule will be applied. Versioned Deployment You have the control to make the upgrade process transparent to both users with existing sessions, moving them to older versions of the same application within the same server so that upgrading requires zero downtime for active sites. This architecture provides additional reliability by restarting Resin if there's an error. Please change it according to the requirement. This allows you to apply rules based on all sorts of request parameters, including browser identifiers, referring URL or a multitude of other strings. It depends on the server and network conditions, and has no recommended value.

Simpler sites will use the default host for all requests, while security-conscious sites may remove the default host entirely. To install a Handle resolver on a separate machine:.

There is no recommended value for this item.

url rewriting in spring mvc

The default log-handler will output all log messages to the log directory or standard output, if running in console mode. Now the moment of truth!

url rewriting in spring mvc

Apache front-end The host-specific back-end JVMs are ready to receive requests on their server ports.

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Resin Architecture