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how to involve children and young people with communication impairments in decision making

Social workers described being uncomfortable for several reasons. Individual recommendations: Adequate structures and supports to enable social workers to do their jobs well need to be in place.

Language Be yourself — speak as you normally would to anyone else. It seemed from the study that there is neither appetite nor need for more legislation and policy change; on the contrary, it was acknowledged that the legislative and policy context if anything is already crowded.

Effective communication in youth work

Visit the TLC website to find a range of resources that have been developed with social workers to help social workers develop their own practice in this area. Avoid jargon and acronyms. Further consideration is also needed as to the places and venues in which social workers meet with children. The Care Inquiry These relationships encompass birth parents, the wider birth family, carers and social workers Cossar et al, Ferguson further notes that while some social workers were confident in relating to children, others were not and said that they wanted further training and to develop skills on engaging with children and their parents. What are the policy and practice implications from research? This practice-near research aimed to examine how social workers, children and young people communicate in everyday practice. Thirdly, children and young people had a range of understandings about their encounters with social workers. This includes the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds. If you change your mind about a course before it starts or during the first three weeks, we will happily transfer you to an alternative course - you may need to pay any difference in fees or have a credit note issued to you if the course is cheaper. Individual recommendations: Adequate structures and supports to enable social workers to do their jobs well need to be in place. Developing trusting relationships is important for these children to help them build security through attachments see Briefing 2 on Attachment theory and research. Two research projects have conducted practice-near research in England — Broadhurst and Mason and Ferguson , , , a and b. Instead, the implications moving forward, taking the TLC findings and all the other research evidence together should be to seek to target things that get in the way of good communication with children, and, at the same time, to build protective factors that enable child and family social workers to do their jobs well. Social workers described being uncomfortable for several reasons.

Emotions matter Ruch adds another perspective to this in her study of six social workers reflecting on their practice in relation to communication with children. See how boundaries form part of the Victorian Code of Ethical Practice for good work with young people.

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Communication with Children and Young People, Introduction