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what is the gdp of the us and china

However, China has made more progress on subsidizing innovation than rebalancing the economy. The government used some of these funds to purchase equity in US banks and industrial corporations, much of which had been returned to the government by early However, it is worth to note that throughout the entire period of the so-called Cold War, USA managed to build approximately 70, nuclear warheads, what is more than all other countries with access to nuclear weapons combined.

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GDP contracted until the third quarter ofmaking this the deepest and longest downturn since the Great Depression. Inthe Federal Government reduced the growth of spending and the deficit shrank to 7. However, since late the Chinese Government has strengthened capital controls and oversight of overseas investments to better manage the exchange rate and maintain financial stability.

This implies a net increase of million in the China population and million in the US population, during the year period, from to Another factor that contributed to the increase in the GDP gap was currency conversion. As the base is increasing, the growth numbers are slowing down. Despite the efforts of the greatest correspondence with the reality, there is no guarantee, that all the data is true.

Nevertheless, the number of deployed bombs is unknown. In recent years, China has renewed its support for state-owned enterprises in sectors considered important to ""economic security,"" explicitly looking to foster globally competitive industries.

China had over 4-times more population than that of the US in

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China vs. United States