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It is unlikely to regain the leverage it once wielded, because China and so many others now have more than enough economic Some are concerned that China's large population of low-cost workers will.

Taiwan is a key factor in our policies involving China.

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However, Pakistan would have to put its own house in order, reorder its domestic priorities, energise its private sector, and streamline its procedures to take full advantage of the opportunities that beckon us. Taiwan, however, wishes to claim independence as a democratic nation.

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What the United States fears most is an ascendant China casting off the present international order and charting its own course, and in the process elbowing the U. None of these points should be sacrificed in compromise as each one is crucial to America's world status. The growing rivalry between the US and China, and the US efforts to build up India as a bulwark against China, have important strategic implications for Pakistan. There is no doubt that the U. Since the Second World War, the US has acted to cement its place at the apex of this world order, with its sphere of influence — economically, politically and militarily — extending across the globe. We currently have protective relationships with nations surrounding China, and America's relationship with Japan has China threat or friend essay from adversarial to friendly. Our writing service will save you time and grade. But its motives are ideological: Americans believe that if China were to implement the political reforms that they hope to see, it would more quickly assimilate into the current global economic order and international security system, and likely behave according to the rules that the U.

Therefore, once all three of these elements are taken into account, it appears China does hold the means and power to actively pursue and possibly fulfil a policy of world-dominance. Ren, M. Correspondingly, the effectiveness of its economic sanctions against foreign countries will also decline.

But widespread perceptions of China as an aggressive, expansionist power are off base.

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But widespread perceptions of China as an aggressive, expansionist power are off base. How would you rate this essay? According to latest projections, China will overtake the US economy in PPP terms within the next few years and in nominal terms some time in the next decade. There were signs of concern in the s on the part of China about the emergence of the US as the global hegemon and the unipolarity of the international political system. Together these nations have attributed to prosperity, but are it beneficial or harming to others? Oxford University Press, , pp. Thus, even if China is incapable of competing against the US on a global scale, its questioning of the regional balance threatens to destabilise the wider, hegemonic military dominance of the US. Consequently, its GDP grew five times between and as against the target of fourfold increase. Americans sometimes view the Chinese state as inscrutable.

Free papers will not meet the guidelines of your specific project. The end of the Cold War in brought about another dramatic transformation of the global strategic scenario.

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He was exposed to several opportunities for instance going to America to gain knowledge about the use of internet. Future possibilities of economic and commercial cooperation include a rail link between Pakistan and China, oil and gas pipelines through Pakistan to connect Xinjiang and the rest of China with the Strait of Hormuz and West Asia via the land route, and a rapid increase in bilateral trade. Although China's relative power has grown significantly in recent decades, the main tasks of Chinese foreign policy are defensive and have not changed much since the Cold War era: to blunt destabilizing influences from abroad, to avoid territorial losses, to reduce its neighbors' suspicions, and to sustain economic growth. This, combined with China's restrictive policies regarding trade with America and its long history of opportunism in dealings with the U. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, America has become China's greatest threat, and, now, they may have technology enough to act against us. Until recently, most observers were willing to settle for an accurate but inelegant description: that the countries are neither friends nor foes. Invariably the superior power of the United States, while not insurmountable, does serve to act as a sizeable barrier to any such prospects. Military action in China by the United States should only be taken if America is threatened by China's military. Americans sometimes view the Chinese state as inscrutable. United Nations. Only if the U. China already fears our military force as a result of our "theater missile defense" involving Japan and other nations surrounding China. The New York Times.

US threats of sanctions against Pakistan because of its decision to proceed with the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project will further hasten this process. The New York Times.

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