Cultural difference impact on global marketing strategy

How does the cultural environment affect international marketing

It is important to look at the work of the exporter within the existing technological infrastructure or how an investment will have to be made in developing it or finding alternative solution. Marketers struggle with whether to portray women with or without the hijab, knowing that they risk offending some of their target audience with either choice. Kalliny, M. Lenartowicz, T. Appendix 1: Appendix: 2 Power Distance vs. The desire to grow stimulates the formulation of business strategies that help these firms or organizations to expand their marketing strategies beyond national and continental boundaries. Culture is not same world over. Gao, M. In general, countries like the USA with lower uncertainty avoidance tend to be more tolerant of risk. In India, the namaste a slight bow with hands brought together on the chest remains a respectful, if traditional business greeting particularly when interacting with women and older people. Observant Jews and Muslims consider pork unclean, and they consume only kosher or halal meats, respectively.

Usunier, 2. It is therefore important to understand these cultural differences. However, Swanger has disclosed that even though cultures borrow and adopt to global features, they often retain their exceptional features.

Social Sciences Journal, 4, Marketing to these different demographics should reflect these cultural differences. They took marketing to mean value system creation and forming of relationship with stakeholders while strategy is centered on relationship between long term objectives and analysis of internal and external environment of the firm.

In Islamic cultures, contact between men and women is a sensitive issue, even in business settings.

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High power distance means culture with more centralized authority and the hierarchy is strong. It measures the extent to which people in a society tend to feel threatened by uncertain, ambiguous, risky or undefined situations.

Because firms seek to expand to other geographical boundaries, their global marketing strategies meet the barrier of culture. The word globalization is interpreted to mean internationalization and liberalization or integration of the world into a single market Garai, That is, there are different ways of life for different people in different countries inspired by different norms, traditions, values, beliefs and religion.

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