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Analysis of variance to make two estimates of population variance those based on between sample variance and the other based on within variance are compare with F — test table.

Customer satisfaction towards dth services

Data collection method: Survey method has been used for collecting the data. Sample size: Targeted Dealer to be surveyed: Dealer have been surveyed : Sampling technique: Convenience area sampling has been used in the research. Secondary Data:-Information available with the company. It can be concluded that the factor offer was ranked as first. The attractive advertisement give more sales. So the null hypothesis is accepted. Website: [1] www. Due to shortage of stock they are not able to retain their customers for long term. The company provides around channels, highest in numbers in this segment. It is equipped with Automatic Level Control ALC feature that enables the satellite to maintain constant satellite EIRP even in case of uplink signal degeneration due to weather conditions such as rain, fog or clouds. Garrett ranking techniques was used to rank the preference of the respondents on different aspects of the study, the percentage position of each rank thus obtained into scores by referring to the table given by Henry E. The company can reduce the price to fulfill the needs for low-income level of people. It not only transmits high quality programmes through satellite; but also gives a complete control of selecting channels and paying for them. Thequestionnaire was administrated to selected DTH users. This study is taken up in the various DTH which have considerable share in the market.

Data collection method: Survey method has been used for collecting the data. Sources of data: Primary data :- Questionnaire has been used to collect the data. Thequestionnaire was administrated to selected DTH users. Chand and company Ltd, So the null hypothesis is accepted.

This study consists of simple percentage analysis to done keeping in mind the objectives of the study, chi — square parameters were employed to test the hypothesis spelt out in the study.

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Area of survey: Different places in Hyderabad Segmentation. Website: [1] www. Mobile Dish TV on wheels is all about watching TV on the go, especially when you are driving long distance or even commuting to office for long hours in this traffic.

Based on the information given by 15 respondents, necessary modifications were made in the actual questionnaire. So the null hypothesis is rejected. Conclusion It is concluded from this study that the DTH service providers should improve the advertisement.

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Questionnaire For Comparative Analysis of DTH (Direct To Home) Services