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should high schools be able to dispense contraceptives to students

It will lower birth rates over time and has already begun to go down, however whether birth control will readily be available in all high schools and colleges across the country is something that could take time. Adolescents will become more aware of the risks and factors that come along with sexual intercourse at a young age.

Should condoms be distributed in schools pros

By preventing young and unplanned pregnancies, contraceptive distribution in schools contributes to fewer abortions because of less unplanned pregnancies. Paul 33 percent of girls made use of the clinic's contraceptive services, and birth rates dropped by 50 percent. It is something teenagers and adolescents need to be educated about, but also have easy readily available access to. The Alan Guttmacher Institute. Although sex education may not seem like a rising conflict, it is actually one of the top controversial topics in our country regarding education. However, "numerous surveys reveal that over 80 percent of parents think [school] is a proper place for their children to learn about sex. In no case shall the instruction or program include any demonstration of how condoms or other Should Abstinence Only Sex Education? Sex Education. These pills have many negative side effects as well. It acts as an enabler to an already difficult situation by encouraging underage sex and promiscuity. School During the past decade, there have been stark generational differences in terms of moral and social norms. The Dean of students wrote her and the group a letter demanding that they stop giving away condoms on school grounds or she would be dismissed from the college and the group would be shut down.

Some may argue that condoms should not be distributed in high schools because they promote sexual activities and also due to the fact that schools are institutions of education. With the prevention of teenage pregnancy, comes the prevention of future socioeconomic barriers and health issues.

They broke up and she found out she was pregnant. In Salem police raided the clinic, seized all the records and arrested medical and social workers, then the same thing happened to all the other clinics that opened up.

Condoms should not be distributed in schools debate

Many people learn about safe sex, but there are still many unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases floating around. This attitude of "it's going to happen no matter what" must stop. Becoming a parent permanently and profoundly alters a teenager 's life. The topic of sex is a very controversial matter especially among teenagers. Currently, when people think of how they were taught sex education in high school, most would say something along the lines of that they were taught the anatomy, and they were taught to never actually use it. In public high schools throughout New York City, the morning after pill, also known as Plan B can be found. One of the biggest controversies that have been ongoing deals with the gray area regarding the roles of educators and parents. The following questions were asked; what would it solve by putting condoms in school?

Cullinan futher states that education is about providing information; we can provide the information about condoms and where to get them, but they should not be distributed in schools.

Considering a high percentage of high school students are in fact having sex, there are outstanding statistics proving many STDs and teenage with the prevention classes and protection. In summary, it can help in preventing teenage pregnancy, decrease the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and teach responsibility to young adults when it comes to their own sexual health.

Disadvantages of condoms in schools

It allows them to stray into the obscure world they are not yet ready for. Therefore it is important that teenagers understand the importance of safe sex and the consequences of unprotected sex. The Alan Guttmacher Institute. Negri 2 Even though many religious beliefs don't approve of birth control, I think schools should teach about it so students and teens may better understand the repercussions of pregnancy and wouldn't have to deal with the cost of raising a child and so they would Condoms do not promote sexual activity, they just provide protection; Quigle, states that condom availability was not associated with greater sexual activity among adolescents but was associated with greater condom use among those who were already sexually active. Kevin J. Should the students at Harvard University be given guns because of the high suicide rate?

By having easy access to contraceptives in schools it is an easy and privet way to prevent young pregnancies when being sexually active. This approach to sex education has been going on for decades, and despite being proven unsuccessful countless times, continues to be taught in this fashion because this is what makes the people happy If teens were to have easy access to condoms these things may not be a problem.

should high school provide free condoms to students

Along with distributing contraceptive and birth controls to students on campus, educators need to be morally on board with this as well, because it is up to them to not endorse sexual activity, but teach students to make good choices with using the contraceptives available to them.

Making birth control easily available is effective.

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Essay about Distribution of Condoms in Public High Schools