Essay on pet

She had white fluffy fur, one blue eye and one green eye, she had a little gray spot on her head and a black spot on her tail, and she had small legs with very cute paws.

essay on my pet dog for class 10

The thieves are afraid of it. Since then, Rocky is my best friend. An excellent venue to research the pros and cons of entering the global market is at the annual pet products trade show. My father called the police and the burglar was arrested. It enjoys when we have get together at home.

The dog essay 10 lines

We have named it Buddy and it indeed is our best Buddy. Dogs are common pets in India as well as in the European countries. Recently many medical journals have begun to identify with the many and varied benefits of pet ownership. I often saw these as pets in the movies. Why I wanted to keep a Pet Dog? They decided to go for a Doberman as it is a fearless, brave and sturdy dog. A great way to do this is at the Global Pet Expo. My parents agreed to bring it home on a trial basis initially. This is because the moment we untie it, it runs around the house breaking every single thing that comes its way. We are both extremely delighted to see each other.

In some regions of India, peacocks are quite common. Both my rabbits are pure white in colour.

Essay on pet

There are many kinds of domestic pets that are not only a source of pleasure but also useful. He does so while wagging his tail from one side to the other. Europeans are really very fond of keeping dogs. Since most dogs have a name, it is prudent that one begins this description by providing the name of the dog followed by the species to which the dog belongs. Their upkeep and care are, no doubt, a costly affair. Conclusion Bruno is an important part of my life. We make Swigi bath twice a week. I named her Gucci because she was as cute as the clothes.

Owners spend billions of dollars each year on pet food, accessories, and veterinary care, but apparently pets give back, too Schellenberg 1. My mother who detested the idea of bringing a pet home also found it cute and grew fond of it over the time.

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Pet Animals Essay • English Summary