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Although there are kids who stand up to the bully there are also the kids who fall down and take the harsh words.

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There are three categories in which the Homeland Security Intelligence face in the 21st century. System attackers can be terrorists, crackers or recreational hackers. No Contact War: The evolution of technology impacts the nature of conflict and war. Suicide and violence has risen in schools because of children being bullied. Similarly, cooperation will ensure that there is an improvement and standardization of cyber defense frameworks so as to protect critical infrastructure. For instance, the hacker will impersonate the owner of the email account and send messages to close friends asking them to send money to a specific account number on claims that the owner of the account might be in some kind of problem. There are many different jobs within this field that require a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities Adolescent children are among the highest at risk for bullying. There are many crucial signs to look for when trying to detect a victim of cyber bullying With the growing use of the internet by people, protecting important information has become a necessity. ATC management. Moreover, a key part of this space, the global internet system, is still under the control of one country. Cyber bullies tend to be motivated by several different things, from anger at their victims, to jealousy; to personal problems in their lives.

New era is named as the Post-Cold War. Cyber bullying is a relatively new-yet potentially very harmful-phenomenon in which youth use technology such as computers and cell phones to harass, threaten, humiliate or otherwise hassle their peers 4.

The internet is also soapbox for free speech that epitomizes the intentions of the founding fathers to allow everyone the same opportunity to have their opinions aired It is only a matter of time, like air power a hundred years ago, before cyberspace becomes an independent theatre of war.

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Intelligence Sees Cyber Threats Eclipsing Terrorism The issue of security is no longer an aspect that easily definable or that can be controlled through traditional means.

Telecom operators from Global Optic Fibre Network ii. Being a kid who has grown up with technology and social media I have witnessed cyber bullying many times in my life Cyber crimes refers to the crimes where computers are involved but in this scenario computers would be a used for as a part of crime or they might be targeted.

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Cyber warriors battle in the front line of computer security either by attacking or defending other systems. Louise Cobb suggests that; Cyber bullying can lead to serious emotional consequences, including depression, low self-esteem, anxiety disorders and suicide.

This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. There is one important nuance in the treatment of cyberspace as a fifth potential theatre of war, along with land, sea, air and space.

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Schools and parents need to be aware of the new problem and be prepared to handle it. The world is in another cold war, except this time countries are battling for cyber supremacy For instance, some of them will trick those using the internet into believing that they have won huge chunks of money. Within this essay there is information obtained throughout using different resources around the knowledge of cyber bullying. Outer space and cyberspace are different. One story in particular involving a young year-old boy name Tyler Clementi. The move shows countering the cyber-threat has moved up on the U.
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