Essay on the film sicko

Essay on the film sicko

I agree that the state of the United States needs to change. What hooks you? Government - The movie Sicko evaluates the medical services and shows the U.

The poor are suffering, while the richer are getting richer.

The United States of America has insurance mandated healthcare meaning the government requires all citizens to purchase insurance, usually provided through their jobs Another convention about documentaries is that documentaries are used to inform and educate. The current health care plan in the United States is hazardous to your health, because it keeps people in debt, it's not available to everyone, and it can kill them. They are supposed to be evaluating your work with an unbiased attitude. So I'm here to tell you about the dirty work of managed care. Seeing a mother lose her child or a wife lose her husband is painful. Before I watched this movie, I thought that living in America was living the American dream.

It is not only robbing us of a happier, healthier life by keeping us shackled to debt, it is in the worst cases actually killing us.

Michael Moore interviews Americans who have been denied treatment by our health care insurance companies.

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Stating the struggles of people who are uninsured and people who are insured. And I'm sorry it pasted all funky.

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