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There's great power in a typeface, but what's always interested me more than the typeface is the designer behind it — why did they create the typeface? A septum piercing dangles crookedly between his nostrils. You know what I mean? Perhaps because of the entirely un-curated nature of the organic Street Art scene from which these festivals evolved in some part, where no one asks for permission and none is actually grantedwe are at ease with a sense of happenstance and an uneven or lackluster presentation but are thrilled when concept, composition, and execution are seated firmly in a brilliant context.

Hecox is fascinated with the complexity of the urban landscape and people from the mundane surroundings that one would normally overlook. He tells us he spent some time tidying-up before we showed. Evan Hecox -Evan Hecox is a Colorado-based artist and designer whose work portrays the essence of urban environments.

What is that from? Stavanger, Norway. We just bought some records yesterday. And just before we discuss these three developments in Street Art we emphasize what has stayed the same; our own sense of wonder and thrill at the creative spirit, however it is expressed; we marvel to see how it can seize someone and flow amidst their innermost, take hold of them, convulse through them, rip them apart and occasionally make them whole.

Just watch. We kick it with Zucchini at his pad for a minute. So yeah…we kick it with Adam for a minute.

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The Bird and the Word: Evan Hecox