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The tourists of the story mistake the marlin for a shark but they too are struck by a sense of the extraordinary. Many critics see in it a comparison between Santiago, an old man fighting to master the fish and maintain his reputation, and Hemingway, an old man fighting to retain an active lifestyle. Except for Manolin's friendship in the evenings, Santiago is characterized by his isolation. Instead, he emerges as a hero. When he later catches the giant fish, he is determined to master it to prove his worth - both to himself and his fellow fishermen. Baker, Carlos. His courageous response is summoning both physical energy and imaginative vision to counter the forces testing him. The experience carries with it a heavy tragic price. Hemingway believes that in life, the farther a person stays from the observers, the more free and exhilarated they will be. Despite his great strength and abilities, Santiago is a humble man. When Hemingway met this old man, he promised to write a book about his experiences. After sharks have destroyed the marlin, the old man apologizes again and again to his worthy opponent. Although he loves being a fisherman, the waters have not been kind to the old man as of late. But he knew that he had attained it and it was not disgraceful and it carried no loss of true pride. Hemingway definitely proves in The Old Man and the Sea that he is a wonderful teller of tales and a deft craftsman of words.

The novel has aroused the interest of many readers, and many critics have made comments on it. Hemingway always puts his heroes in difficult and dangerous situations where they have to face death and destruction.

The old man is testing his limits; he is challenging the ocean, and rowing where he wants to go, not where the ocean wants to take him. In this first section, Santiago is pictured as having to fight both the land and the sea.

He lands the marlin, tying his record of eighty-seven days after a brutal three-day fight, and he continues to ward off sharks from stealing his prey, even though he knows the battle is useless. During this time he does not feel alone end establishes his solidarity with the world of nature around him.

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The interior monologues that Santiago has with himself cleverly break the exposition of the narrative. The aim of the present study is to make a comprehensive analysis of alienation in the novel The Old Man and the Sea of Ernest Hemingway.

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Although he tells himself that "now is no time to think of baseball" p. Although it provides, shelter and rest, it also offers shame.

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