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Well played. Note that Footjoy offers a cleated version of the M Project as well and while it is slightly elevated, they claim that is the lowest profile cleat in the industry.

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The shoes are very, very light and feel almost like hybrid socks on your feet. After a presentation on the apparel, the floor was open to questions. Stability wise, the leather M Project are quite structured despite the minimalist styling.

Nice to not have the toes squished together like the pointed golf shoes can do.

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Some are great looking but have poor comfort. As for the spikeless M Projects, three of those options boast high-performance mesh uppers that are designed to be as lightweight and breathable as they are comfortable.

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If you are the type of player that swings hard and often finishes their swing off-balance, the M:Project's may not be for you. In short, these have been really enjoyable shoes to review.

Another way to make the shoe lighter and improve the feel. Some have great performance and stability but are not attractive. This is thanks to many new construction strategies and materials.

Despite my somewhat nagging back problems, I found these shoes to be a great walking shoe as they provide plenty of cushion.

From the first steps I took in the parking lot my first day with the M:Projects to the final step into the 19th hole, the comfort level was off the charts.

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