Grandma writing a letter

I genuinely feel bad for the those in the world who will never be graced by getting to know you, because you truly are one of a kind. Throw out any negative thoughts about any imperfections she may have, because everyone has imperfections.

You may have grown up close to your grandma or maybe you lived far away. It's a love that can never be replaced. I genuinely have no idea where I would be without you.

Yours forever.

letter to my grandma at her funeral

Find a quiet place with a desk or table to write your letter. Maybe she likes romance novels, or positive thinking books--talk about that. I find myself telling stories of you to people on a daily basis because I wish you were there to tell them yourself.

You fawn over my slightest of accomplishments and make me feel like a superhero, even on my worst days. It is a place I can go for advice, a good laugh, and a mood enhancer. I am so unbelievably lucky to have you.

an open letter to my grandmother who raised me

Even when you know that I am making a mistake, you never leave my side.

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An Open Letter To My Grandma