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Sampling Techniques. Pip goes to Joe and indeed finds happiness -- but the happiness is Joe and Biddy's. Pip, at first cautious, later falls in love with Estella, to his misfortune.

When an anonymous benefactor makes it possible for Pip to go to London for an education, he credits Miss Havisham. Pip is tutored by Matthew Pocket, a relative of Miss Havisham's, and is helped by Matthew's son Herbert, in the ways of becoming a gentleman.

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Use the template provided by your teacher. Globalisation has become has become one of the most used, misused and confused terms around today.

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Herbert and Pip get up the next morning and start rowing down the river, picking up Magwitch at the preappointed time. To help students grasp deeper meanings from setting, it is helpful for them to create a setting map that will allow them to document important characteristics of places throughout the novel. Miss Havisham wants to help, and she gives Pip nine hundred pounds to help Herbert out. I want the viewer to have mixed emotions for the person. Like the two men just starting out, it is modest and humble. On the outside it looks presentable, but the interior looks is in need of updating. Pip recognizes him, and his "smell of soap," as a man he had once run into at Miss Havisham's house years before. Once again, Magwitch is shackled and arrested. As well, Compeyson has made his presence known in London. Sampling Techniques. Reared in the marshes of Kent by his disagreeable sister and her sweet-natured husband, the blacksmith Joe Gargerythe young Pip one day helps a convict to escape. Pip goes to live in London and meets Wemmick , Jagger's square-mouth clerk.

Pip puts the fire out, burning himself badly in the process. Facing her now, he slips back "into the coarse and common voice" of his youth and she, in return, treats him like the boy he used to be. It was Jaggers' first big break-through case, the case that made him.

Pip goes for a walk around the garden then comes back to find Miss Havisham on fire! This scene is right at the end of the first opening chapter and it leaves us on a cliff — hanger. Magwitch is in jail and quite ill. Joe, Biddya young orphan friend of Pip's, moves into the house.

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