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There are no barriers of entry as in the monopoly. This focus on Trust as a brand image may stem from the fact that its original manufacturer was Tata, a business house which for many Indians had come to symbolize Trust.

Hamam soap disadvantages

It continues to attract thousands of visitors, drawn by its distinct Ottoman architecture and interiors. In this one, a little boy points out to a tortoise and his mother explains to him that nature has afforded protection to the tortoise by its shell. Suppose there are 51 soap producers in the market, all are selling soaps only, but each product's product is different from each other ,as a result, every producer is competing with each other, but remember products are similar,but not same. This refurbished hammam offers a variety of bath packages and non-traditional massages like foot reflexogy as part of their new services. Target: Johnson baby soaps targets all the baby upto the age of 2 years. Most of our daily use products belongs to this group. Even seller does not have detailed knowledge about market demand and supply. But like monopoly, every seller each fix his own price in monopolistic competition. Its USP is the blend of "nature and science" across its portfolio of products, resulting from four years of intensive research at the ITC Research and Development Centre in Bangalore Target: It targets to the women who likes to take care of her skin by intense moisturizer.

Optional massage room to really relieve you of all remaining stress and worry. Then the child worriedly asks about his own protection where upon the mother reassuringly points out that there Hamam for that. In fact, capitalizing on the strong brand image that has been built in this area, the user base can be increased; that is its strength areas can be exploited further and grown before betting a lot on new markets.

Advertisement Strategy: Strategy was to project the soap that could make women more beautiful and feel young. This marks a significant departure from its long sustained natural green soap image. Underlying fact in M.

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