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She never bothered to ask me for my account of what had happened, or to ascertain why my views actually are, before sending out her email and characterizing me as a racist.

Given the current public debates about suppressing or erasing the unacceptable aspects of the relatively recent past and its texts and monuments, the study of antiquity and of how its various aspects have been eulogised and repressed provides a critical field for addressing contentious questions, without either sanitizing or demonising the past.

They provide not only critical distance from the present but also a field where different perspectives and world-views can be studied in a non-polarized way. The phases are roughly coordinated with human development , and would ideally be exactly coordinated with each individual student's development. Share this:. A BBC TV programme dramatized extracts from the play, including the scene in which Socrates is suspended from a basket. This was a small example of the power of internal politics to open or close doors and I soon found that this was a big factor in the place of CS in the OU as a whole. Modern interpretations of classical education[ edit ] There exist a number of modern groups and professional organizations which take the classical approach to education seriously, and who undertake it in earnest. They also make us think! She did not say why, besides cost. Arithmetic is Number in itself, which is a pure abstraction; that is, outside of space and time. Such an approach—an education in the classics —differs from the usual approach of the classical education movement, but is akin to an education on "The Great Books" followed by St. The performance of Greek plays around the world has provided excellent primary material that has been included in OU courses at Honours and Masters level Mee and Foley, Ours is the last bastion of Western Civilization in the academy. In the s and s the study of Greek and Roman antiquity was largely thought to include two aspects: study of literary and historiographical texts in the original languages and the study of society in terms of politics and war. I too have had problems with whether to call people out or whether to say things, whether we should be anonymous or whether we should have a name attached to all the allegations that we put against people, but we have to think about the past of Classics and the present in order to make it welcoming for the future. What Connolly seemed to be advocating is that classicists should discard the heart and soul of their discipline to make it more popular.

It gave us the concepts of liberty, equality, and democracy, which we should teach and promote. Her email was sent at about PM on Sunday, two hours before the end of the final meeting.

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The limits of liberal humanism were also revealed in the strongly masculine staff profile of the OU at its inception, especially in senior posts. For more on Chinese education see:.

She said that the ancient languages could not be taught anymore by Classics departments. A BBC TV programme dramatized extracts from the play, including the scene in which Socrates is suspended from a basket.

The A course reviewed the written and archaeological evidence relating to his account. The SCS Director, Helen Cullyer, was also present in the audience and gave a few anodyne remarks of welcome, but sat quietly throughout the subsequent uproar. It struck me as odd to argue that his scholarship should be disregarded because of articles he wrote in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In the modern renaissance of classical education, this period refers to the upper elementary school years. There have been highs and lows as well as moments when we might have thought we were in the Theatre of the Absurd. Changes in the Classical Studies curriculum over the last 50 years have been partly evolutionary, partly achieved through challenging dominant norms and partly responsive to the broadening of its constituency of students. Here she reflects, not entirely reverently, on some of the key aspects in the history of CS in the OU.

Padilla said he had exhaustively searched the internet to try to determine the racial and ethnic backgrounds of contributors to Classical Antiquity, the American Journal of Philology and Transactions of the American Philological Association between and

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