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All good stories have a beginning, middle, and end.

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You wrote the essays; you got accepted! Even though it was maybe not the decision that you wished you had made, you survived. I look forward to courses such as Academic Argumentation and Professional Writing, as I believe these will provide me with a firm basis in journalistic writing technique and improve my abilities to write analytically and develop well-supported arguments. If you can replace the name of one college with another, you haven't written a good transfer essay. Let's face it—if you are transferring it is because there is something about your current school that you don't like. Why are you applying to this school in particular? In your essay, colleges and universities will be looking for what makes their school a better fit for you than your current institution. Updated December 31, The essay for a college transfer application presents students with challenges that are quite different from a traditional admissions essay. As every teacher or professor says while assigning a writing assignment: be specific! The Personality Partly because of the tone discussed above, David comes across as a pleasant person, someone who the admissions folks are likely to want to have as part of their campus community. Through an extensive process that includes concept design, face, cowl, and body sculpting in clay, molding the pieces using liquid latex or silicon, applying the products to the human model, hand-painting and airbrushing, and fabricate addition components if necessary, I will create original characters that will be featured in movies and television shows.

I wore out two pairs of gloves and the knees in several pairs of khakis. Pulling this one off is a little trickier.

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The latter is especially important, Jordan says, because transfer admission officials generally pay close attention to details about each applicant too.

Do make it personal.

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David avoids these pitfalls. At many schools, students can earn scholarships from more than just their grade point average—extracurricular activities and leadership qualities can play a huge role. Talk about what led you to your current position, and where you see yourself going. Also, it's often awkward asking for help on your essay from your professors, peers or tutors. Talk about what you have enjoyed about college thus far again, be positive! Grammar, punctuation, and style matter. David, however, clearly likes Amherst and is running towards something—an opportunity at Penn that better matches his newly discovered professional goals. Yes, as of this writing , Common App allows you to edit your personal statement as many times as you like. Be meticulous. Achievements unlocked! Just outline your plan , then show how you rocked that plan—maybe even throw in something bonus that happened and I even did it while keeping a full-time job! You want to come off as optimistic and forward thinking to admissions.

Get your creative juices flowing by brainstorming all possible ideas you can use to address the essay prompt. Unfortunately, this means that every transfer student is dealing with the exact same essay prompt, making it even harder to stand out among the sea of applicants.

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But first, give yourself a pat on the back. In the end, it could help determine your admission to your school of choice.

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Admission essay tips Here are a couple of steps for writing your college application essay from Lori Greene, the Director of Undergraduate Admission at Loyola University Chicago: 1. The first objective in writing anything is to get it on the page first.

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Sample College Transfer Essay for Admission