How to carry out a literature review for a dissertation or research paper

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The citation tools attached to these programmes will also allow you to simply export citations in a format of your choice when required later. Chronologically with the date of publication, or 3.

How to carry out a literature review for a dissertation or research paper

You can begin anywhere, because you already know the order. They will want to know how you went about looking for relevant material, and your process of selection and omission. Initially it is important to identify the concepts within the overall topic. One is to review a particular type of literature — for example only to look at research-based articles and not at grey literature. Some major research studies are published in monographs or reports from government departments. This will then provide you with a long reference list, and some evaluation of the references it contains. Selecting and quoting only the most relevant material for your subject and argument. If so, what method s would have been better? This can mean that you get mixed up over what is an exact quote, and what you have written in your own words; or over what was an idea of your own that you jotted down, or an idea from some text. What is your interpretation of a particular source?

Finally, ask your supervisor and other established authorities in the area, who may be able not only to point you in useful directions, but also help you define your topic.

Remember we noted that the process of grouping sources in the body of your literature review is never a linear one? Biological conservation, 10pp.

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Say you were trying to convey the debates on European migration policy, you might want to start by writing something along these lines: "While scholars such as X argue that migration policies must be made more stringent to counteract the increased flow of Syrian refugees to Europe, other scholars such as Y offer a divergent perspective.

There are exceptions at post-graduate level or generally — like when you have conducted your own primary research or published your work widely — which give you the academic authority to boldly make claims. Use sample literature reviews Have a look at sample dissertation literature reviews in your subject area and read them thoroughly to familiarise yourself with existing key debates and themes.

They will save you countless hours trying to figure out how to use Harvard or APA referencing correctly. Often hand searching of journals will reveal ideas about focus, research questions, methods, techniques, or interpretations that had not occurred to you.

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How to write the literature review of your research paper