How to write a school leaving certificate application

As the name indicates, the certificate is given to the student who has graduated or has completed his high-level education. Earning the Mittlere Reife or Hauptschulabschluss does not permit the graduate to attend university.

application for school leaving certificate format

Scholarships Off to Germany with a school-leaving certificate Do you have a good command of the German language, are familiar with German culture and can see a future for yourself professionally and personally in Germany?

This can make it easier for people who would otherwise need a visa to enter Germany. Diplomas used to be quite large, but it has become common to print diplomas on standard letter or A4 size paper. They know when a particular student is graduating. Students who earn an abitur are qualified to attend university.

The student can collect the diploma at a later date. In that case you have every chance of setting out on a career in Germany. Some institutions specify a fixed number of years which a student has to complete in the school for the attainment of the certificate.

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Request to Issue School Leaving Certificate