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The GDPR sets out the principles for data management and the rights of the individual, while also imposing fines that can be revenue based.

Ability: A competence to perform an observable behavior or a behavior that results in an observable product. Minimum wage: The lowest amount an employer can pay an hourly employee. Civil rights: Rights protected by the U.

These tests can sometimes be taken via the Internet and can provide employees with effective training, assist managers in becoming more effective, and promote people into appropriate positions.

ADA ensures equal opportunities for people with disabilities in areas of public accommodations, employment, transportation, and government services. That could include employment, education, criminal records, vehicle, and license record checks.

All other things being equal among competing companies, it is the company with better employees that has the competitive advantage. Probationary Arrangement: An agreement between an employer and employee that the employee will work for a set amount of time on a trial or probationary period.

P Pareto chart: A quality assurance tool that ranks information, like reasons for certain problems, in descending order.

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In some organizations, the administrative and customer-focused jobs in the organization also report to HR. Classification of employees can trip up employers and is critical for tax purposes, so be sure to review IRS guidelines and consult with a trusted advisor. Health savings accounts HSA : A tax-free account that can be used by employees to pay for qualified medical expenses. Handbook An employee handbook or manual, is a guide given to employees that includes everything related to your company policies. An example of a large brokerage firm is Marsh. Managers who hire and fire employees and who spend less than half their time performing the same duties as their employees are typically also exempt employees. Home sourcing has become a popular flexible work concept in recent years. Sometimes talent-management programs don't include everyone in the organization, but only the high-potential employees and current leaders. Early Return to Work program: Modified work programs designed to get employees who have been out of work due to injury or illness to return to the workforce sooner by providing them with less strenuous alternative jobs until they are able to resume their full regular duties. For example, the advertiser reveals information about their new product to a few opinion leaders within their target audience. Many organizations are flexible in terms of how much time an employee takes off.

For more details including eligibility and more, click here. Generation X: The term used to describe individuals born between and Contract for services: An agreement with a self-employed person for a specific job. Training and familiarization with each department are sometimes included.

In some organizations, the administrative and customer-focused jobs in the organization also report to HR.

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20 Human Resources Terms Every HR Hopeful Should Know