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For one thing, this design allows toddlers to trace lights and start to learn to write. Kids learn to write in lower and upper case letters. For sure, this learning board toy will teach your kids to learn writing step by step. It is touch and Tech Word Work. On the negatives, this electronic toy only teaches letters and not numbers. Leapfrog writing tablet Writing tablet for kids comparison Tablet 1: LeapFrog Scribble and Write In this section, we compare two writing tablets for kids that we recommend. In addition to its nice design, kids could enjoy their exciting songs and music which will help teach them to be familiar to colors, numbers and colors. What we like about it is its design with letter buttons with animal shapes and a design that makes it easily portable. Kids do love this design.

This toy is best for kids between 1 and three years old. The appearance is colorful and looks very nice to toddlers.

As an example, there are 12 pages added into the design with touch sensitive buttons. Also, there are different levels to adjust based on the intellectual development of the kids.

For one reason, it has an attractive design to kids while its usefulness is more like a drawing board with magnetic lines. Kids basically can draw picture and learn to write over the board.

Made to perfectly go well with children 3 to 6 years, this complete toy set has beautiful design with colorful look.

leapfrog learn to write

What we like about this electronic toy is that it has various learning modes depending on your child's age and how advanced he or she is.

This is such a nice and educational learning toys you might consider seriously. As the name and picture tells, it has a chair-like design in a cute look for kids to like. Kids will surely enjoy and learn a bunch of phrases important for their early development.

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