Living with leukemia

Ronni Gordon is a survivor of acute myeloid leukemia and the author of Running for My Lifewhich was named one of our top leukemia blogs.

Is leukemia curable

Some people are affected more than others. Previous Find and follow us online Monthly newsletter sign-up. Bloodwise We offer patient information online and in free printed booklets, and have an online community you may like to join. Some may last for only a short time, but others can last the rest of your life. Children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL and acute myeloid leukemia AML will face similar emotional obstacles, but their treatment duration and intensity can impact them and their family differently. Some people may get regular treatments with chemotherapy , radiation therapy , or other therapies to help keep the leukemia in check for as long as possible. I take appropriate action, like adjusting medication, or use other techniques when I feel anxious or depressed. Please accept our privacy terms We use cookies and similar technologies to improve your browsing experience, personalize content and offers, show targeted ads, analyze traffic, and better understand you. If ALL does relapse, it is usually while a person is still being treated or shortly after they've finished treatment. It is unusual for ALL to return if there are still no signs of the disease within 5 years after treatment. You may be relieved to finish treatment, but find it hard not to worry about the leukemia coming back.

Previous Find and follow us online Monthly newsletter sign-up. I go every other week, down from twice a week when this came on in May But at one point this winter it all got to me, and for a few weeks I cried uncontrollably on more than one occasion.

Leukemia symptoms

Any information you provide to us via this website may be placed by us on servers located in countries outside of the EU. But everyone can benefit from help and support from other people, whether friends and family, religious groups, support groups , professional counselors, or others. Key points Children being treated for leukemia face emotional challenges, but their diagnoses can also affect their siblings, parents and caregivers. Some people are affected more than others. CONTINUE You have chosen to share the following article: How elderberries can help you fight the flu To proceed, simply complete the form below, and a link to the article will be sent by email on your behalf. Between September and December , the survey was run again, receiving over 2, responses from leukaemia patients. In , Leukaemia Care partnered with Quality Health to undertake our first survey of individuals who had been diagnosed with a blood cancer. General wear and tear Combined with checkups with my transplant doctor or nurse practitioner every 6 to 8 weeks, I have to see so many specialists that I sometimes feel like taking care of my symptoms is a part-time job. From the emotional impact of a diagnosis, to physical effects of the blood cancer or treatment, or the wider practical implications on employment or finances. Tests and doctor visits cost a lot, and even though no one wants to think of their cancer coming back, this could happen. A machine separates the misbehaving white cells. If you think you have it, let your GP or specialist know as quickly as possible within 24 hours of the rash appearing is best.

All children face similar emotional challenges while being treated for leukemia. Symptoms include: a rash — blisters filled with fluid which burst and form sores which then crust over, usually confined to one side of the body an itching, tingling or burning feeling pain where the rash is.

what is it like living with leukemia

Learning to live with cancer that doesn't go away can be difficult and very stressful. I lie still for three hours while a large needle draws blood out of my arm.

Living with leukemia

I speak up I express myself through my blog.

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Living With Leukemia