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You also need to follow SEO best practice when formatting your content to make it easy for search engines to understand what you are communicating.

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Lanjouw, and M. Whinston, M.

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In this chapter, we present to researchers and managers in the life sciences industry a broad overview of these analytical tools, categorized according to subject areas, and the key managerial insights that have been derived from them. Netzer, and K. Kravitz, B. Journal of Marketing 66 2 : 1— Bui, D. Goettler, and M. Journal of Marketing 68 4 : 90— As videos are becoming an increasingly popular medium for content marketing across all industries, presenting a case study this way may allow you to reach a wider audience. References Albers, S.

Also, you are more flexible concerning the design of the page, allowing you to direct the reading flow and include eye-catchers, such as statistics, graphs, or images, more easily. Publish your case study to shine Once completed, you can publish case studies in a variety of formats.

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Particular areas within life sciences, like pharmaceuticals, may also be working under incredible time pressure, and will find content that can give them tips to make their life easier, extremely useful. Management Science 54 6 : — Yet the ROI of such investments, versus leveraging other marketing channels, remains questionable.

In fact, gating a downloadable PDF version of your case study can help you collect valuable leads that you can use for reaching out to potential clients.

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Life sciences companies also have a large number of diverse and complex customer journeys, tackling all of them at the same time is unrealistic and unachievable. Case studies and testimonials can help with this, since an endorsement from peers is likely to have more clout than overtly sales-orientated material. Chintagunta, and P. Journal of Economic Management Strategy 14 3 : — The academic marketing literature has produced a sizeable array of decision-support tools for the life science marketers. Temporal differences in the role of marketing communication in new product categories. Life sciences companies that embark on journey strategies and develop journey maps that graphically depict the pluses and minuses of current interactions, and then interpret customer journeys within the context of future industry disruption, are well positioned to win the ongoing race to acquire, onboard, engage, and retain patients and HCPs.

Once it has been introduced, you can swoop in and showcase the different solutions you came up with. International Journal of Research in Marketing 31 3 : — Journal of Marketing Research 41 3 : — Especially in the life sciences business, a demonstrable data approach reflects expertise — which is seen as a valuable currency — and elicits trust in potential business partners.

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Life sciences companies also have a large number of diverse and complex customer journeys, tackling all of them at the same time is unrealistic and unachievable. And this is where you get your chance. Google Scholar Janakiraman, R. Gaining compliance and losing weight: The role of the service provider in health care services. Push-me, pull-you: Comparative advertising in the OTC analgesics industry. B2B customers are particularly prone to spending more time considering their options before making a purchase. The Review of Economics and Statistics 89 1 : 88— Marketing Science 28 3 : — Our analytical CRM offering is already transforming the way clients define effective data models, build data-warehousing and data-mining capabilities, as well as apply analytical tools and techniques to create smarter marketing strategies.

Patents and global diffusion of new drugs.

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Life Sciences Marketing: It’s Time to Start Your Customer Journey Strategy