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Globalization and Rural Marketing References: 1.

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Knuth : Art of Computer Programming Vol. Jefkins: Advertising, Macmillan 9. Implementing Strategy. Production instantaneous, multi-item deterministic problem, techniques of Inventory Control with uncertain demand, determination buffer stock, re-order level. Controlling 6. New Delhi, Global Business Press, 5. Maximisation overtime: Calculus of variation: Euler Lagrange Equations application.

Onkvisit, Sak and Shaw, J J. Many students take the benefits of Scholarship programs as the university aims to money cannot be the hurdle between a worthy student and its degree.

Calcutta University Placement The cell continuously coordinates with various industries and organizations for placement of the students. Basu Lectures in Industrial Organization 7.

Batra, J. Broader Environment Advertising its relation with Society. Uma Kapila India Since Independence 8.

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Interdisciplinary Nature of Consumer Market Analysis 4. Nature of Industrial Sociology 2. Police, Public Service, Hospitals etc. Measuring Performance in SCM Tanenbaum Structured computer orgs PHI 2.

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Cultural leadership and decision-making 8. International Components in an International Market Controlling 6. Array: definition, types representation in memory address function; examples- Upper, lower triangular and tri-diagonal arrays. Organisational Development - Organisational Change 6. Soumyen Sikdar Contemporary Issues in Globalisation 9. Econometrics Method: J. The Sale of goods Act, Formation of a contract, rights of an unpaid seller.

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