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The findings and recommendations will also be useful to 5 small scale enterprise managers in determining the usefulness of microfinance towards development and growth of their enterprises. Green : Banks and economics. Boyd, B. The sample size is also quite large, and given the time constraints and target population is literate and unlikely to have difficulties in responding to questionnaire items, questionnaire is ideal tool for collecting data.

CGAP, a Categories Population Sample size Small scale enterprises 50 42 Microfinance institutions 30 25 Total 80 67 Source field 3.

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Also, According to Willets Possible solutions to improve the role microfinance institutions played towards small scale enterprise development will be suggested whereby if implemented would cause greater small business development emanating from microfinance institution.

These methods include group lending and liability, pre-loan savings requirements, gradually increasing loan sizes, and an implicit guarantee of ready access to future loans if present loans are repaid fully and promptly. A study on relationship between economic growth and stock market development.

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A research proposal on the Impacts of Microfinance in Kenya