Newell company corporate strategy 2 essay

The interviewing process was rigorous, once a potential employee was hired they attended a two-day training program at the so-called Newell University. Home goods, paint brushes, and office products are their basic products and they stray away from high level brand awareness products.

Incorporate management recognized the importance of internal growth within the respective divisions instead of simply focusing on each division generating higher levels of profit, and the growth of the company being driven by acquisitions.

Newell and Rubbermaid, while pursuing the same product offerings, had fundamentally different bases for competitive advantages. This acquisition gave them a chance to enter into a new market exposure.

This may leave less time to focus on new acquisitions. The acquisition of Rubbermaid would seem beneficial given the numerous advantages that Newell would gain, but the many complications associated with the process as well as the fundamental differences between Newell and Rubbermaid make the acquisition too risky to undertake, and thus strategically unsound.

Newell will need to work with the majority Rubbermaids existing workforce and management team, there are simply too many to replace. The final reason why green washing is common is that government action and regulation is still pending.

It allowed Newell to branch out into new markets that had not reached saturation without cannibalizing its existing product lines. Newell decided to keep Calphalon lines in department and specialty stores.

newell company corporate strategy case summary

Does the company add value to the businesses within its portfolio? While this would be difficult, it would still make sense in the long run given the potential benefits to Newell and the relatively low amount of risk present in the acquisition.

Newell is able to make this happen with their highly effective operational strategies.

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Newell Company Corporate Strategy Essay