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As to the facts, the Court Nicaragua case it established that some incidents were directly imputable to the United States. In particular, it was submitted by Nicaragua that the United States was violating the prohibition of the use of force in international relations and the parallel rule on prohibition of intervention.

There was no evidential material presented by the United States in the proceedings on the merits, and it was not easy to substantiate the alleged assistance of Nicaragua to armed rebel forces operating in neighbouring countries, particularly in El Salvador.

Directly to be attributed to the United States were also several operations against Nicaraguan oil installations, a naval base and other facilities of the State of Nicaragua, carried out as direct actions of United States personnel, or of persons in its pay. The Court has however found [ Therefore, the jurisdiction conferred on the Court by the United States declaration under Article 36 para.

Neutral Powers which lay mines off their own coasts must issue a similar notification, in advance Art. For this conduct to give rise to legal responsibility of the United States, it would in principle have to be proved that that State had effective control of the military or paramilitary.

Article 3 which is common to all four Geneva Conventions of August 12, defines certain rules to be applied in the armed conflicts of a non-international character.

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The reservation had excluded from the jurisdiction of the Court all "disputes arising under a multilateral treaty" which could affect third States which are parties to the treaty but which are not participating in the proceedings before the Court.

That the whole of IHL is customary law?

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After five vetoes in the Security Council between and of resolutions concerning the situation in Nicaragua [3] , the United States made one final veto on 28 October [27] France, Thailand, and United Kingdom abstaining of a resolution calling for full and immediate compliance with the Judgement. It was openly admitted by the President Reagan in a press conference that the manual had been prepared by a CIA contract employee. Chimni The Nicaragua Case J. Reports , p. Doubtful "testimonies" were rejected, and the results were published in April The U. Consequently, the Court felt in no way bound to uphold customary rules only in so far as they differ from the treaty rules which it was prevented by the United States reservation from applying. It also violated this prohibition when it attacked Nicaraguan ports, oil installations, and a naval base see below. United States M. Commander Carrion stated that the contras consisted of insignificant bands of poorly armed and poorly organized members of Somoza's National Guard, who carried out uncoordinated border raids and rustled cattle presumably for food. The remaining task of the Court was to adjudge on the Nicaraguan claim concerning reparation.
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Nicaragua vs the United States: Use of Force and Self