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And when the discovery of personal murder, of unspeakable, self-inflicted loss, is made, when man solves the crimes he has committed himself, he is faced with a new murder plot—a death to self, surrendering to the reality of human weakness, accepting the responsibility of being the murderer of his own good.

The messenger, eager to ease Oedipus's mind, tells him not to worry, because Merope was not in fact his real mother. You [Oedipus] with your precious eyes, you're blind to the corruption of your life How old was he?

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Oedipus only replies that he is an exile and begs them not to ask anything more. Modern authors have therefore sought to achieve a similar tragic effect by expressing the same conflict in stories of their own invention.

On an empty stage the chorus repeats the common Greek maximthat no man should be considered fortunate until he is dead. Creon, the brother of Jocasta, has learned from soothsayers that the city is being punished for harboring the murderer of the late King Laius.

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It also showed Oedipus and Jocasta in bed together, making love.

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