Our education system needs a little bit of reform

The nonstop testing environment that Indians grow up in stifles creativity or critical thinking.

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But today in India students permitted only for pen and paper exams what is use of these. Second, more focus on building the skills I discussed earlier.

education system needs serious reforms

Pressuring a child to score more for better college, for better job results only in cramming things up. I am in 12th grade now and an overall good student has now become a poor student.

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It is high time for the new triangular trade to end. Need for reforms in education system There is no practical knowledge in our education system.

What reforms are needed in our education system

This could never happen if there was a central board of dancing education which enforced strict standards of what will be taught and how such things are to be taught. But they don't improve their knowledge. Importantly, many Indian professionals, such as Sundar Pichai of Google and Satya Nadella of Microsoft, are captains of American ships that power this triangular trade. A quarter do not even show up to teach. And also the methodology that is currently in our education system is so outdated we need to adopt some new and fresh methodology to teach. To do so, schools must disseminate better information about various majors. Through investments in this area—what is called foundational human capital—India can prepare its people for the coming shifts in jobs, skills and market structures.

Some basic theoretical knowledge is needed but our education system focuses more on the theoretical knowledge. First, it requires more flexibility between the general and technical tracks.

The nonstop testing environment that Indians grow up in stifles creativity or critical thinking. But in my point of view, the time of learning is also a very important thing. Ironically, these private players prepare students to get into the taxpayer-funded IIT. The universities should take up more research, publish research papers and bring in more innovative technologies. Is this because Indians are less innovative than the Chinese? The World Bank is serious about getting policymakers and governments to think harder about human capital. Still, year after year Indian students focus on cramming information. We already hold them accountable as executives, but nothing else about their role has yet caught up. Historically, the government just did not have enough money to spend on even opening new schools and universities, forget overhauling the entire system and investing in technology and innovation related to the education system. A fantastic programmer, she was a three-time medal winner at the International Olympiad for Informatics. To get admissions in these institutions one has to do lot of hard work all throughout days and nights. Mediocrity is comfortable. The problem is deeper than that. They produce much of the intellectual property that produces wealth for the US. I agree with the reformation thing but hey "they ain't going to educate us to overthrow them".

We also need teachers who inspire and encourage their students to think out of the box for every problem they face be it a book problem or in real life. Yet she was not eligible for even the lowliest of IITs.

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If we could do this successfully Indian education system would have changed overnight. We basically should focus on providing practical knowledge to students from the very basic level of schooling to make kids aware of the need of the things being taught. Ships took some of these goods to Africa where they were exchanged for slaves. All the schools provide education for getting good marks. Thank you. This kills their creativity even further. Limited to only textbooks for the information and not to question what is being taught is another hurdle. While all these are becoming more possible than ever before, there is lot of innovation yet to take place in this space. Some people are visual learners, others are auditory learners, and still some others learn faster from exper ience. Most of the schools in India don't have practical labs and you can imagine why we are lacking in our technical knowledge as we focus more on syllabus and lacking in our out of box thinking. Reasoning and self-efficacy are also increasingly important, particularly as they improve adaptability. Those students who are very good in study but due to fees they can't get higher education govt should provide reservation of those students. KPMG , a leading consulting firm, blames it on lack of output-based incentives or monitoring. Our testing and marking systems need to be built to recognize original contributions, in form of creativity, problem solving, valuable original research and innovation. Because we are studying same syllabus till so many years now time has been come to take some steps and improve our education quality.
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Indian Education System: What needs to change?