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Enjoy this post? Magazines--those medleys of borrowed and original material and open-invitations to reader participation in publication--struck what modern critics would term a distinctly middlebrow note in literature.

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The second development was the rise of the informal essay at the same time, undoubtedly influenced by the writings of Montaigne as well as by the recognition that particular kinds of prose style might be more appropriate to some discourses than to others. All periodical essays tend to be brief but texts written by a columnist and freelance essayist would slightly differ in length. Hunter Each issue of the Athenian Mercury would answer anywhere from eight to fifteen questions on topics ranging from love, marriage and relationships to medicine, superstitions and the paranormal. The Tatler was a single-sheet paper that came out three times a week and in the beginning, consisted of short paragraphs on topics related to domestic, foreign and financial events, literature, theater and gossip. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. It sensitively combined the tastes of the different classes of readers with the result that it appealed to ail-though particularly to the resurgent middle classes. Thursdays, and Saturdays, that isythe days on which the post went to the country. The series of about a hundred papers of Dr. Volume indicates the number of years when the publication took place while issue denotes how many times the periodical was issued during the year.

The series of about a hundred papers of Dr. This shows how it was a true mirror of the age.

Addison and steele writing style

The brevity of the periodical essay, its common sense approach, and its tendency to dilute morality and philosophy for popular consumption paid rich dividends. Issues of The Tatler and The Spectator were published in book form and continued to sell for the rest of the century. Hunter, J. DeMaria, Robert, Jr. The chief importance of The Spectator for the modern reader lies in its humour. The Spectator appeared daily, excepting Sundays. They managed to create a winning team where Addison was more of an eloquent writer while Steele made his contribution by being an outstanding organizer and editor.

Johnson, Goldsmith, and Others: In the second half of the eighteenth century the periodical essay showed a tendency to cease as an independent publication and to get incorporated into the newspaper as just another feature.

Thomas De Quincey 's periodical essays blended autobiography and literary criticismand William Hazlitt sought in his periodical essays to combine 'the literary and the conversational.

contribution of addison and steele to the development of english prose

The avoidance of politics though not by all the periodical essayists yet by a good many of them also contributed towards their popularity.

Unlike their contemporary Defoe, whose Review of the Affairs of France —13 moved to more general cultural topics from a central engagement with political issues, Addison and Steele devoted themselves to matters of style, fashion, behavior, opinion, and manners characteristic of middle-class life; it was this rapidly growing and prospering audience that established so solid a readership for periodical essays in several successive generations.

Again, the periodical essayists made it a point to cater for the female taste and give due consideration to the female point of view. This accomplishment had only rarely been achieved in an earlier time and now was to contribute to political harmony by introducing 'subjects to which faction had produced no diversity of sentiment such as literature, morality and family life.

Early eighteenth-century publishers and editors recognized the existence of such an audience and found the means for satisfying its taste.

They managed to create a winning team where Addison was more of an eloquent writer while Steele made his contribution by being an outstanding organizer and editor.

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The Periodical Essay in the Eighteenth Century