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Other notable compilation scores feature various kinds of popular music: rock 'n' roll Easy Rider, disco Flashdance, rap Dangerous Minds, country Nashville, popular standards Sleepless in Seattleand eclectic mixes Apocalypse Now, which includes Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and the Rolling Stones' "[I Can't Get No] Satisfaction.

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As a weary John Lennon sings over a simplistic piano-based beat, the combination of celebration and defeat is palpable. Interestingly, the job of music supervisor has opened up economic space for women. The camera stays loose and the editing rapid as Lester borrows techniques from the French New Wave and an inventive short film he made with his friends in The Goon Show, until it starts to create a vibrant new cinematic vocabulary all its own, one filled with youthful energy and little regard for what had come before. The written music would be published in books and was always ripped off from dead or obscure composers. Bill Gibron 19 Jun Movie and music are inseparable. Spaghetti Westerns The days of spaghetti Westerns popular in the '50s and '60s brought back symphonic scoring, to an extent. But sitting in silence probably wouldn't go over too well, and they couldn't add music to the film itself, so they had live music played at each showing of the film. As a result, this is our list of the 10 Best Uses of Popular Music in Post Modern Cinema yes, we are skipping several decades previous - there's just no time or space.

Here are 10 examples of how the two can come together to create a classic moment of cine-magic. The first example one can remember is the by now iconic moment when the cruel criminal Frank Booth asks his pal Ben to sing about a "candy colored clown.

Malcolm McDowell sings the optimistic tune while kicking the shit out of a guy after breaking into his house.

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The song's theme of a '60s optimist-turned-jaded cynic is a subtle representation of his character's conflicted personality. Additionally, audiences may perceive songs on a more conscious level than background orchestral scoring.

Compiled scores consist of a collection of existing songs, often used in their original recorded format and largely derived from noncinematic sources usually popular music but also opera and classical music ; these can be supplemented by original songs and orchestral background scoring.

Now, all he needed was the right musical backdrop to make one of the writer's most important passages -- the "wave" speech -- come to life.

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