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Ensure you include your name, student ID and a short summary of the issue. Fury utas. Research qualifications are awarded following the completion of a major thesis, which involves independent original research under the supervision of a senior academic.

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GradCert utas. These allow students to develop a foundation in their undergraduate degree before applying it to real life in Masters.

What are Coursework and Research based Masters degrees? Research utas. The students can be required to undertake some extra units to expand their skills, but this is decided on case to case basis.

Upon completion of these modules you will be assessed on the skills and knowledge you have learned. Meanwhile, a Masters by Research involves students submitting a completed thesis based on an independent research project. A formal learning agreement between the candidate and the supervising lecturer specifies the material to be studied, the means by which it will be assessed and the due date for completion of the assessment task s.

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It leans towards a practical application of subject knowledge. Choosing a Study Destination.

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What's the difference between a Masters by Coursework and a Masters by Research?