Respect and honor in the character of john proctor

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Both characters are respected. His reason for doing so is to protect his image because he is afraid he will be committed of adultery with Abigail Williams Here each character must execute the rights believed by the church to be allowed in the church and the town of Salem. Macbeth and Proctor have the same tragic flaw ambition, however John has good ambition to help restore his character whereas Macbeth has a blinded ambition that harms himself.

Proctor was a model of the Puritan community before his adultery with Abigail. He has publicly embraced his sin. The incident shattered his dignity, leaving behind only the shards of doubt and guilt. When the tensions seem high between them, Proctor points out that he is trying his absolute best to resolve their issue of trust.

As the honor progresses John is accused of being associated with witchcraft. Hi, John! With this final valiant act, John Proctor comes to a kind of peace with himself. Proctor's Problem s Meet John.

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Respect and honor in the character of john proctor.