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Athenians believed that the individual was important, while Spartans followed the belief that the state should be all encompassing. The Spartan lifestyle for men was very harsh.

The city-state Sparta was recognized as one of the strongest military oriented city-states in Ancient Greece during the period beginning in BCE until around BCE.

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Sparta is a great unique nation. Lycurgus was the person behind the laws that made Sparta into a society that was basically one large armed camp. Although the fall of Sparta was not caused by women because: women were trained in the art of war beside men, women were educated like men, and women were in control of Sparta whenever the men were away The geography of the region provided a network of rivers and vast water that made it very easy for the people of both Sparta and Athens to travel.

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The Spartans stand at Thermopylae, allowed the Athenians time to prepare, and ultimately allowed the victory. Women in Athens were not allowed to leave their homes or participate in any events; they were considered property of their husbands and were responsible for the household duties. Next we have the Ephors, there were five of them and they basically controlled the helots. Athens is on the peninsula of Attica Geography. Each city state created a vast among of history and established large names for themselves within the history books. The member states of the Delian league were not freed as expected Rhodes , but rather taken over and had oligarchic constitutions installed within them Rhodes Need help with essay or term paper? Athens was also financially prepared for war, owning a large fund they had amassed from the regular tribute paid to them from their empire. He was seen as a natural leader, and that was one of the major reasons for the citizens to follow his laws as they were applied Sparta was focused on having a perfect military, whereas Athenian daily life revolved learning and knowledge. The city-states of Athens and Sparta are the best representatives of democracy and oligarchy, respectively. Each civilization had a wide variety of differences within the way they managed themselves. Greece contributed so many things to modern civilization; some of our society is directly borrowed from these people. In the beginning he briefly talks about Spartan boys before beginning to talk about the women. The reforms failed to prevent tyranny due to the lack of a few laws or political ideas that Lycurgus had included in Sparta in order to prevent tyranny.

They built great structures and there are thousands of temples in Athens. After the monarchy fell, Pisitarious took over the Athenian political system and began to rule as a tyrant Slaves play a major role in their society and contribute greatly to their communities, often forming one of the largest masses of the population.

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Athens vs. Sparta Essay