The effects of homosexual couples on family structure and family life

Analyses revealed statistically significant effect size differences between groups for one of the six outcomes: parent-child relationship. This standard has the advantage that it corresponds with the standard used when judging instances of natural reproduction and cases of prenatal and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

It can be argued that the empirical data point at the dangers and thus enable us to try to do something about them.

lgbt parenting issues

Both standards lead to highly counterintuitive judgments as they force us on the one hand to condemn procreative decisions that look fully acceptable and oblige us on the other hand to accept decisions that seem completely unacceptable.

In fact, the influence of their sexual orientation on their parental capacity can only be measured when they dispose of the same means to do the job. These findings suggest that adolescents reared in lesbian families are less likely than their peers to be victimized by a parent or other caregiver, and that daughters of lesbian mothers are more likely to engage in same-sex behavior and to identify as bisexual.

Qualitative analysis revealed that adults felt that they were more tolerant and open minded and had more flexible ideas about gender and sexuality as a function of growing up with LGB parents.

Effects of homosexuality on family

National longitudinal lesbian family study: male role models, gender role traits and psychological adjustment. Results confirm previous studies in this current body of literature, suggesting that children raised by same-sex parents fare equally well to children raised by heterosexual parents. The studies show the effects of family type, sexual orientation, mental capacities, age, etc. In the context of same-sex parenting, both the right of homosexual persons to build a family and the child's right to a good life can be respected by providing conditions of full equality and respect. The implicit comparison Judge Vaughn Walker made between racism and opposition to same-sex marriage is particularly offensive to me and to all who remember the reality of Jim Crow. Journal of Homosexuality, 59 9 , The reasonable welfare standard is put forward to avoid counterintuitive judgments and to block comparative reasoning that may follow from the use of heterosexual families as a control in follow-up research. This threshold implies that even when the child will suffer from a severe disease and will have a short life span, it is acceptable to bring it into the world. As such, it includes both medical handicaps, disorders, etc. Secondly, asking people in alternative family types to demonstrate their suitability goes against the spirit of international law. Contrary to negative stereotypes, children of lesbian mothers were described as having regular contact with grandparents. Advocates of making same-sex marriage a legally recognized right claim that this will have no impact on traditional marriage -- that it can peacefully coexist alongside traditional marriage. Marriage promotes legal and financial stability, stable psychosocial relationships and a sense of acceptance Pawelski et al.

Developmental Psychology, 39 1 Children raised by lesbian mothers or gay fathers did not systematically differ from other children on any of the outcomes. The present study examined the quality of parent-child relationships and the socioemotional and gender development of a community sample of 7-year-old children with lesbian parents.

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Evaluating the welfare of the child in same