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Topic 5: School Business Management. Covers both quantitative and qualitative approaches, such as postpositivism, interpretivism, postmodernism, critical theory and feminism.

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Topic Faculty and Curriculum in Higher Education. Duration Years : 1 - 2 Medium of Instruction: Turkish Educational Administration and Supervision Master's Program has the fundamental mission of bringing up executives equipped with professional administrative and leadership skills in the management of different educational institutions.

Over the course of four months, an Topic External Influences on Higher Education.

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Issues of law and policy associated with serving people with disabilities, with emphasis on federal legislation. State and Federal Organization for Education.

Masters in educational leadership thesis topics

Application of principles of administration and leadership to the unique problems associated with special education and instruction for special populations. Intensive examination of selected dissertation topics, issues of framing research problems, methodology of educational inquiry, and application of theoretical perspectives. Topic External Influences on Higher Education. Student reports on current research and panel discussions on significant issues in the study of education. Topic 6: Community College Programs. Over the course of four months, an An examination of the nature, goals, and basic principles of the business management functions in colleges and universities.

Introduction to different epistemological orientations and to the fundamental issues within each paradigm. Ogletree Dr.

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