Time capsule writing activity for kids

Pet Themed Activities and Centers - Pocket of Preschool ; Pet themed activities and centers freebies too for preschool, pre-k.

new years eve time capsule printable

Feeling stuck? Favorite poem do you have an extra copy from Poem in Your Pocket Day? This led to historical investigation into the items found.

Be sure to give your students some time to explore the salt tray before We've been Ask them to use these in their letters. Did they like it or not?

Deciding what to put in the time capsule is part of the fun. Ticket stubs from an amusement park, movie, concert, or play Cover of a current magazine showing political, social, sports, or health news OR entertainment, fashion, or decorating trends Write Your Time Capsule Letter A time capsule letter should highlight the habits and language of everyday life.

my 2019 time capsule

You can start with anything.

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Build a Time Capsule!