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However, I will say that Fan Funding is a very natural step for Wattpad as the site has an established reader-base and of course, many Wattpad authors have existing relationships with their readers.

You will have your faithful readers that will stick with you until the very end. Glory of the Midnight Sun, a romance about an arranged marriage, was given an elevated on-site feature because Wattpad had detected a trend in Muslim fiction.

I realize that not everyone is and will be this lucky. Maybe it could be. Ashley has been publishing her writing on Wattpad since she was thirteen years old, and she has over 30 million combined reads on her stories.

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How can that value be exchanged for something that helps a career? Simply put, there is value in a reader paying attention to a story or a writer.

I felt like I could breathe again. People can comment on any sentence, paragraph, or the end of a chapter. So I had every right to be cynical back in

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How Publishing to Wattpad Helped Me Fall Back in Love with Writing