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In addition, children should be made to present speeches and skits on importance of morals and values in life. Moreover VBE would help in improving social relationships among people and teach tolerance to children who have to live in an increasingly diverse world. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Today, the entire mankind is living in the shade of fear. But his early success was based on much violence. Hence while imparting VBE such means should not be applied. Kama : Happiness and Aesthetic joy. It is considered as a vital input in modernization where the developing countries like India began its drive for social and economic development since its independence. Also because the values are inculcated from childhood, they become a second nature as the child groups up. Rena about the Value-based Education for Human Development in Eritria are most fitted to the Indian contemporary education scenario. It was not inner strength. Emperor Asoka was one of the greatest Indian rulers. It is the total environment including the school, the home and the society which can imbibe these values in the young minds. Entire education must become a goal-directed activity.

It is known to everyone here that becoming an IAS officer also involves having the highest quality of morals and values since the decisions made by them impact the lives of millions of people. Moksa : Liberation or true Self-realisation.

Also there is no counter to the argument that values should be imbibed through education from childhood itself. A major reform by way redistribution of powers can alone rescue the system from the chronic malaise.

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Teaching is not a job; it is an attitude. No doubt, we should target citizens of today by passing stricter laws, schemes for attitudinal change, organise workshops, etc.

Let us never look outside ourselves for help.

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Schooling should not only be to make good doctors, engineers, economists and scientists. Regarding the need of introducing religious values. Children in such institutions, learn tolerance and cooperation. For this, the pupils should be exposed to varieties of experiences and activities. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. Values have social, psychological, economic, spiritual and philosophical aspects. There are still cases of child marriages, female foeticide and infanticide. The education that leads to skill development and subsequent employability is necessary, but at the same time, values inculcated in the youth would help in building a great nation. We the human should go on this path and we can definitely achieve the Moksha, the summumbonumof our life. The quantity of education has considerably increased, but the quality has decreased. But the argument that school is the most responsible out of all these three would stand because it is an organised institution. Sometimes, we find that the values taught by parents have a negligible effect on children but if the same values are taught, through education then the children readily accept the value and regard them as important. In view of our glorious tradition of piety, tolerance, universal brotherhood with the present-day phenomenon of hypocrisy, corruption, dishonestly and inhuman attitude, we are undoubtedly convinced that we are facing today the worst moral crisis. Read through to the end and followed by a set of discussion questions. Social gatherings and group activities are organised without giving due weightage to values.

Even the great scientists like Newton and Einstein have believed in the existence of God as an intelligent power regulating and guiding the destinies of the universe.

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Value based education is the need of the hour Essay Example