Writing a web service api

Join For Free Introduction One of the most popular distributed architectures in the digital world nowadays is RESTful web service, which is widely used in this sector.

I generally like to keep it prefixed to the resource. The get method is used to retrieve a particular user details by specifying the name: We will traverse through our users list to search for the user, if the name specified matched with one of the user in users list, we will return the user, along with OK, else return a user not found message with Not Found.

The web service will then add the submitted Tutorial name to the collection. Use parameters Sometime we need to have an API which should be telling more story than just by id. If the order can be found, an HTTP status is returned and the response body contains the information associated with the order.

This is certainly not a good practice.

rest api tutorial

It will start your web server and run your web service application. Let's see how we can run the Tutorial service so that it can be invoked from any client.

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PHP RESTful Web Service API